Day 4: Do It Yourself

First of all, I know this post is late again but I went for a nap at 5pm and didn’t wake up ’til 11 so by which time I just sorted few bits out turned over and went back to sleep! My sleeping pattern is all over the place recently.

Now, not to be a stereotypical girl but I have never even attempted DIY around the house. It’s always been my dad who has built the shelves in this house, and when at uni everything DIY-ish was already done and sorted.

With this challenge I think these subjects are getting harder or possibly I’m trying to think outside the box for them because taking them at face value might be a little boring for you guys. So when I thought about DIY, just like every day it had been on my mind for a little while trying to think of something interesting to share and write about.

When anyone thinks of DIY they think of housework but in reality you can do anything yourself, from making your own dinner to creating your own diary or note book.

Then I carried on thinking away and wondered what I could use the prompt ‘do it yourself’ to mean. Then I thought, you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy around other people. So for today’s post I am going to share a quote: one that people should have a little think about. You should believe in yourself, forget all the possible mishaps and think about the success it will bring!

today's quote

All the best


September challenge


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